Kuzhal kolam for margazhi

subashini Mon, 12/20/2010 - 00:56

OMG...Suba....thanks for such a treat....as today is my hubby's birthday...u have doubled my joy dear......this kuzhal-photoshop kolam is sooooooo...beautiful..come on come on...give me some more designs like this for me to try....hahhaha...thanks again dear....
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o, my god!I got certificate from kuzhal ranis brindha , rani and veni.Thank you very much for accepting this as kuzhal kolam , though I had not mentioned .Thank you vijaysowmya, brindha, Rani,veni,veenamanigandan, and indra sundar.Rani, tell my birthday wishes to your hubby.
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Thank you pushpa,jayanthi,uma,kameswari,lakshmi, vinci,mahalakshmi and anirudh.
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