Deepa oli paravattum


Your' mixer kolam is looking nice. Made in a hurry? Nice design, in a small space u have done a beautiful kolam. Nice lamp arrangement . what are the two lamps at the top, called? rajamma
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Very beautiful kolam madhu mam...d centre design is so lovely...
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Padma Prakash
Very pretty and beautiful kolam with different lamp design. The outer border is also very cute. Lata, in kannada language we call those tall lamp as "DEEPA STAMBA". here stamba means kamba/gamba ( pole). You might have observed the tall poles in front of temples on which you find god hanuman or a lamp at the top. People generally do namaskar to that before entering the temple. That we call as "Garuda Gamba" or "Garuda Stamba". For info.
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Ungal Deepangalin Oil miga pragasamaga jollikirathu ungalin kolathil. (kolam is brightened in the light of your lamps)
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Beautiful maa colour kolam Madhu mam.
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very beautiful maakolam cum rangoli with lamps...
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nice wk, i could c variety of diyas frm each kolams in our site
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I like this, very pleasing looks. Regards! - mOhana
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Cute rangoli inside! You could have tried the outer white decorative lines with wet rice flour to avoid smudges!
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very beautiful rangoli..diyas has come out very nice...
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