Special rangoli for local temple -Kumbabhishekam

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Hi Lakshmi madam. Plz pardon me for copying your rangoli...I was very much inspired by the design and tried it once...I also want to feel how much strain you take each time when you create a new design....Really you are great Smile

Rangoli: Special rangoli for local temple -Kumbabhishekam


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Wow...very nice attempt vidhya... Smile

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Lata madam.... I am new to this ikolam....Expecting your views

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:bigsmile: Welcome to ikolam! Biggrin
I've been enjoying all of your rangolis as well as your neighbor's/friend's contributions. I get the first taste of all the artistic works while I'm publishing them. I must say you have a great pair of artistic hands!

Since you are one of our latest and artistic rangoli makers, let's try and extract more artwork from you! J) How about making a rangoli to participate in one of our March activities?
Please make a rangoli with apple patterns (either dotted or freehand, big or small) and upload before March 30th (Doctor's day) to go with the adage; An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Smile

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Vidhya, iam very glade that you have done it with 100%.. Smile I am eagerly waiting to see some more my creations in your style..and why pardon.. :O and all???please please don't say like that...i am very very happy that you have tried my creation.. dear...

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very nice.. Smile

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very nice kolam vidya. pretty

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Vidhya dear, copy Laks' kolam and trying it out is not an easy task (I am still scared even to attempt it) but you have done full justice to her work in the form of this wonderful and pretty kolam in lovely thin strokes... excellent execution dear Smile

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Vidhya....! Junior Lakshmi? Very nice attempt and you have done a good job. We all admire Lakshmi's work but very rarely we try to copy her beauties. For me it is very difficult to put thick strokes like hers, hence I stopped even trying to copy them. But Vidhya, you will have your own style of drawing, so in between copycat works you must share with us your own style of drawing also. Smile

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Wow...Very nice attempt Vidhya.. Sure you have done a very admirable job and your kolam looks very pretty and neat. :star: Smile

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Lovely. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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junior lakshmi welldone,lovely creation in your own style, very neat strokes and your kaavi adds beauty , awaiting for your super creations. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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super mam Smile Smile

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First of all i thank all for your encouraging comments....JUNIOR LAKSHMI??? Yendhan kagam uyaraprandalum parundhu aaga mudiuma? Just an attempt that's all.....once again thank you all ..... Smile

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wow vidhya!!!! really junior lakshmi Dirol 100/100 marks Dirol

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Good attempt 100% good .Trying lakshmi kolam is a great effort because she does awesome beauties with intricate designs.

You have done justice and the kolam is really good and pretty. Smile

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very nice. Smile

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v.v.v.v. well designed vidya :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: