Karthigai 2010

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  • Karthigai 2010
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Rangoli: Karthigai 2010
Created by abhiramishridhar on 2011-04-25,

I am a person who likes it "big" or rather u call it "gaathram" in Tamizh. Since the main kolam at the doorstep was small, I decided to make a small extension by the side where no one could get disturbed while walking..

Rangoli: Karthigai 2010
Created by abhiramishridhar on 2011-04-25,

This is something which I made at the doorstep of my house. Since there is not much space I kept it small..

Rangoli: Karthigai deepam1
Created by Jayanthii on 2011-03-29,

A free hand plain rangoli without colours! this was done for karthigai deepam for this year......

Rangoli: karthigai deepam kolam
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-03-08,

karthigai deepam kolam on day 2 in rangoli style, with vibrant colours.

Rangoli: MY FIRST KOLAM - made on karthigai day
Created by vasanthi on 2011-03-01,

lata mam, this is my first kolam in the ikolam website. i will be very happy if my kutti kolam is published in the website.

Rangoli: Karthigai Deepam Kolam
Created by Amudha_1986 on 2011-02-16,

Dear all,

This is my karthigai deepam kolam in our temple.

Rangoli: free hand kolam
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2011-02-04,

hai... this is free hand kolam n made as a special for kaarthigai 2010!

Rangoli: Karthigai 2009
Created by abhiramishridhar on 2011-02-02,

made inside the house in the hall for Karthigai 2009.........................

Rangoli: karrthigai rangoli
Created by vidhyavaradharajan on 2010-12-23,

hi in my house i just simply drawn kolam.i liked it to draw the kolams for the first time..this is my karthigai kolam on my home on karthigai deepam

Rangoli: Vilakku kolams
Created by malar anand on 2010-12-22,

Hi friends,
i drew three lamps to welcome karthigai... i know it is tooo late to upload... ur views pls..