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I am participating for the first time. The theme is "Mythological Splendour"
My Navrati Kolu has 5 steps. The top most step is dedicated to Rajareshwari and all devi forms, followed by the next step with Nataraja and various dance music forms. The third step with the kalasha has two themes one -a riverside theme and the other being a temple procession theme. The fourth and fifth steps are dedicated to kailasam and Vishnu forms respectively, with a lot of general items added.

The park has three aspects, all hand made by me , except for the dolls in it. The first is a pilgrimage to Badrinath, the middle one being a Village scene and the last one is Shakuntala's ashram (kanva maharishi).

The rangoli in the front though small is layered with small red manjadi seeds.

Do let me have your feedback. I have really enjoyed setting this up.

Happy dussehra.

2 photos one of the entire kolu and one of the park is being attached.

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Navaratri Contest


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Neat display of dolls - photo looks a bit hazy. All the best Smile

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Welcome to ikolam..
Neat arrangement, the kolam borders are cute, Everything is fine, except the picture clarity.
All the best.

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Beautiful.. All the best.

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good one all the best.

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Very nice, neat and pretty arrangement... a clearer picture would hv been an icing on the cake

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thanks..true next time i will be a little more careful with the picture clarity.

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Forgot to mention the saree for the steps looks lovely

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The yellow backdrop is really eye catching. All the best.