Kolu Arrangement and Kalasha Alankaram

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Kolu arrangemet done at home in Bangalore for Navarathri this year.

Rangoli: Kolu Arrangement and Kalasha Alankaram


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hi chethan..could u plz let me knw where to get the bommai and also the padi in bangalore ??

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We get the Padi in Malleshwaram or in Ulsoor ( Near the big temple). Same is the case with the Kolu Bommai also. However most of the kolu I have displayed were got from Chennai. In case u have any relative/ friends staying in chennai, you could get the stand from out there.. Its pretty cheap and is available in Ratna Stores.

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Ms.Indra, what did you think about the golu arrangement, the rangoli border, and the padi? Smile

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Beautiful Display.. The candles and its stand on the left, the pink girl, the rangoli, and My favorite Meera seen prominently are too catchy apart from the main Pretty Golu Arrangement..
My Best Wishes..

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wow really amazing display. Especially your kalasam alankaaram is awesome. Good work. ALL THE BEST.

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Thanks for the nice comments.

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Though the golu is quite simple, the decorations around are lovely. The lamp holder on the left looks really lovely - can you post a picture of that one separately for us to enjoy?? Is it terracotta or ceramic?? A closer look at the kalasam alankaram is also tempting me - that looks rich. Of course we saw the lamps too. Good work. All the best Smile

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Thanks for the wonderful comments. Have posted the picture of Kalasha Alankaram separately. Hope you had a look at the same. The Candle stand is a metal one which is placed inside the flower bowl on the terracotta doll. Shall surely post a picture of the same.

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i like the kolam below too..

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Very beautiful

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Beautiful.. All the best.

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nice one

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments.