Maa Kolam

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This is a wet rice flour kolam I drew on Shivarathri day... Dot count 9 to 5, center dots, with 2 and 1 dots on all 6 sides... hope you like it...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Maa Kolam


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Different type of chikku kolam. I love the pink color flower.very attractive.rajamma

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This kolam is very nice.

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pushpa, your pulli kolams are very different.

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cute pulli maakkolam!

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Always you are outstanding in sikku kolam, after seeing all your kolams, iam also nowdays became the fan of sikku kolam, old is always gold! youare proving this.

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Pushpa this is such a pretty kolam - the kavi flower in the centre looks actually real and I was wondering what this big flower was. Like Rajamma said those pink flowers are so cute. Absolutely neat and neatly decorated. Chikku kolams always rock Smile

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pushpaji wow!! beautiful i like it very bright and neat!!pink flowers looks very nice..

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different pulli kolam with beautiful pink flowers

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pushpa maam, super maa kolam . Flowers add beauty to this kolam.

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Hi Pushpa. wow! its different, its neat, it is symmetric,what not? so neat and attracting. good. Thank you.

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Maakkolam looks great.

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Pink flowers make this kolam extra attractive.

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Maakolam with poo kolam looks great..-Indira

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very interesting design, starts as rangoli in centre and then turns out to be chikku kolam...very neatly done pusphaji, thanks for sharing....i too was thinking what kind of hibiscus flower (or any special flower for the Lord) you would have put in the center Smile ...very nice

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Missed this earlier. Very thoughtful in using flowers. Could have chosen a flower with six petals instead of five.

Regards! - mOhana