chikku kolam

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About chikku kolam : PRINT

Sister DibbuTN's maa kolam drawn with kola podi and coloured

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: chikku kolam


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Looks beautiful, and extra bright with four suns. Smile

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nice copy....remembering ajji say that rangolis should be put before sun have got the rising sun in the rangoli itself...good one

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copycat kolams or inspiring kolams are increasing nowadays. This one is done nicely, colored beautifully and shining with 4 sunsfrom all 4 sides.

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very nice one and beautiful one

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This is indeed very beautiful. The colouring at key places has enhanced the beauty further. The flooring area could have been reduced in the picture so that the main pattern becomes bigger.

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautifully drawn and nicely colored... tx for the credit but the original kolam was done by Ammu maam in kolapodi

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Very nicely done and i like the way u have colored the kolam. Very well done.

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Very cute!

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hai...nice to see different versions of d same kolam...

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simple and cute

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very nice chandy maam, chiku kolam looks great

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Great looking one Chandy - you have made it look so pretty with the selective colouring Smile