Valentine's Special

Wow! A big dotted rangoli especially for Valentine's day! I just love the shade of pink you've used here. This particular combination of light and dark pink makes the roses glow. Very nice yellow flower at the center. Thank you so much for participating, and sending in this lovely bouquet for all of us. Ofcourse, the separate dotted rose is a bonus. :)
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Anirudh, the glittering Hearts and pinky-pinky roses are cute.Lata has given you bonus mark instead of grace mark! rajamma
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thank you lataji, jayaji, rajammaji, subhashiniji, vidyaji. hurray!!! i got my bonus marks :) thanks to all ...i wanted to put star in the hearts to make it twinkle, but i could not easely get it in photoshop gradient tool, so used the diamond to sparkle :)
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WOW!! it looks grand!!pretty colours!!yellow flower looks very nice.
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Anirudhji, the shading of the roses is very nice. The glittering hearts are lovely. Overall, your romantic rangoli is spreading your love to all very well.
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Beautiful Rangoli,never felt like taking my eye away from it
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very nice colour thks for the dots 2show us
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Grace marks Anirudh - that is an understatement - you passed with flying colours - such a wonderful and lively kolam - thanks for sharing this lovely one with us - I am going to try and make a copy for myself now :)
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Anirudh - please, please feel free to call me Judy. I feel odd when anyone adds that 'ji' bit :)
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Those are beautiful pink roses :) Nice sparkle on the hearts too :)
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After seeing this rangoli i remember the song " E Gulabiyu ninagagi, idhu chelluva parimala ninagagi............. ( yarige E gulabi anirudhavare ???????? Anyways the rangoli is suprebly drawn, the shades of pink looks amazing. Thanks for your lovely rangoli for whomsoever it may be ???????
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thanks Lakshmiavare, brindaji, sumathiji, lakshmi2000ji, preetiji. thanks soo much Judy...err takes a while to remove ji, and how to call our photoshopguruji without ji :) thanks sudhaavare.......hehe, still waiting for special :) i too like this song both S.J and S.P.B versions....answer for you is another song from same movie :) ...muLeyillada gulaabi hoogaLu naavella, premada parimaLa thumbide nammaa oDalella...(we are all the roses without thorns and we are filled with fragrance of love) oDalu - the body can be considered as heart in our case :) this represents all of us
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Sudha don't worry...u will come to know one day . when these roses is placed on someone's head.. He will invite u for this occasion to enjoy...Anirudh pl.. don't forget Sudha, for this function.hehe
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can u pls send me this kolam? its beautiful.
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Cute and colourful rose kolam is very very beautiful.
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