Mahashivarathri rangoli

Lata Tue, 12/01/2009 - 00:05

hannya of Kokusai(Internationa In Japanese) traditional pattern Arts and Science Forum KASF from Japan

Dear Lata san It is a very nice Kolam. I like it. I would like to attach my new Kolam. Would you teach me How to attach an image file. thanks in advance Hannya
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hannya of Kokusai(Internationa In Japanese) traditional pattern Arts and Science Forum KASF from Japan

and tell me it with E-mail address Hannya
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Its very nice but difficult to reproduce by begininners. You should explain to make learning of this simple. Good work though!!
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OMG! Beautiful siva linga and the hanging deepams done in the traditional style.. really awesome! Vibhooti pattai is looking really realistic.. Wonderful! Saras
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After viewing this the only thing that came to my mind is utter "Om Namah Shivaya" Superb work lata!! Congrats! and thanks for making me utter Lord Shivanama. Ushi:)
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Thank you Mr.Nagata! I'm sure you would've checked my email. Let me know if there is a problem. :) Mr.Dori, thank you for your feedback, I'll add more description later on. But in the meantime, the dots, the layout style of the dots, the strokes, and the procedure, is sort of straightforward, if one waits long enough for the animation to complete. :) Mohanaji, Saraswati, Viji madam and Usha, thank you very much. :)
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Lataji, its so very wonderful.........Great Imagination given our with neat animation....... Hope You all had a Great Karthigai!!!
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Wonderful, animated Karthigai Deepam kolam with Shivalingam in the middle. Lata, we too were very busy attending Jayanthy's son's wedding at Mumbai and just returned. Enjoying the rows of Karthigai kolams and yet to comment on all. (By the way I am not able to upload any of my recent kolams... it says the maximum limit is reached! Pl. help) rajamma
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Watching this animation was a real treat - maybe because the Shivling was in the centre I was imagining a fast snake racing across the desert sands... Simply superb work Lata :)
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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very excellent kolam to me, explaning how to create this type of animation.......very nice.
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Thank you everybody, for your feedback. :) Dear, thank you for taking the time to comment, your user name is interesting :) Just wanted to let you know that your email address in your profile, would not work. You'd used your username ( as your email, and it is not a legitimate one. I don't remember assigning "ikolam" emails to any of our members, not yet atleast. Please provide us with a valid email, please edit your profile, and fill out the email area with a legitimate email address (from an account that you check often). I see that you had tried to upload rangolis, but had problems?. I could've helped you if the email was a valid one. :) Thank you.
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Lata - After Karthigai this kolam is very apt for Sivaratri too.. My mother loved the wonderful animation behind this. She praised you a lot for keeping this traditional art ALIVE at this 21st century.. She also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Margazhi Contest kolams which were really a treat to the eyes.. Saras
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Hai lata Sivalingam kolam indrudan parthen. Naduvil sivan irandu pakkamum kola deepam. colours romba attractive aga irundadu.Otrai flower is very nice. With regrds Akila
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dear latha , wounderfull ,marvellous ,excellant .shiva kolam . GOD bless you .you will do more &more kolam like this sincere well wisher, kala krishnaraj .(kala .k .raj) 22nd oct .
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Awesome animation lata new ikolam homepage....welcome change diwali dhamaka has started off here I hope....great going :party: :party: :love: :bigsmile: But I am unable to see d log in option(in d home page) in google chrome...just like that clicked and it led me to d log in page...let me see if it is seen in IE or Mozilla :~
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