Padi kolam

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About Padi kolam:

This is my first attempt in padi kolam... Rajamma ma'am, ur comment please...

Rangoli: Padi kolam


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Bright and beautiful Indira. The kolam is glittering because of the cute dots. I am so happy that so many of u have become padikolam fans.Keep trying new designs.Try using Kaavi also.

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Thanks a lot Rajamma ma'am.


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ma'm your first padi kolam is super.we all look forward to your next.

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Thank you Aparna.

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Indira I can't believe this is your first attempt at padikolams - this looks too good for an amateur creation... Excellent and neat strokes and almost perfect symmetry Smile

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Thanks Indhu ma'am and Judy ma'am.


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Rajamma ma'am your an inspiration to so many....Wow indira ma'am no one would say this is your first attempt... this is just picture perfect... wonderful ma'am...

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Indira it looks very bright and crispy.neat strokes ...keep it up.

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Thank you so much Lakshmiji and Radhaji.

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I like your thick, deep and confident strokes!

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Excellent Work, Indira ma'am...... too gud to put as an attempt...... Lovely padikolam in your Unique style..... Just Keep it up.....

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Nice design. Bold and beautiful! Where is the red clay?

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful

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thank you so much Jayaji, Purni and Kavithaji.
Thanks a lot Mohanaji..

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It's a very pure and beautiful Kolam!
I'm very glad to see that Kolam!
I use to put a similar kolam for Shukra welcoming.

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It is very nice and super.'s picture

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beautiful kolam

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thank you for this beautiful kolam. I live in Australia and i will teach my students in Art how to draw Kolam for Harmony Day. I hope they will be able to make something just as beautiful.