Jayaji's puzzle - 1

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Here is my interpretation of Jayaji's puzzle. The clue made it much easier.
8-petalled green flower gives the top view of the tress and squares the plots. Hope my answer is correct.

Dot grid:
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
top: leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines, from RHS 5 dots- 5lines
down: 5 dots- 5 lines, from RHS leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines.

Confusing dots then easy with free hand too Smile

Rangoli: Jayaji's puzzle - 1


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Splendid work, Anirudh! You have made each tree a small kolam and connected them correctly. On the whole it looks grand and colorful!

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grand and lively anirudh,,, shows ur creativity and enthu ,, thank u for giving us this treat :star:

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Wow...what a creation anirudh...looks so lively as if we r really standing on a grass-land surrounded by coconut trees...haha...nice aerial view of jaya mam's puzzle Smile

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wow what a beautiful creation Dirol

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lovely design..excellent colour match...

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Well imagined and created design Anirudh. Yours always look very creative and very different. A perfect design :star: :star:

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Great work Anirudh... Good work using photoshop and beautifully done depicting trees as well.

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We all tried to solve the puzzle with dots. Here comes our Nature Lover Anirudh with lovely trees around to create this Pretty greeny design. Well done Anirudg! I appreciate your enthu in solving puzzles in your own imaginary ways1 Wink

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wow, Amazing design anirudh.

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Wow, excellent Anirudh. Nice creativity.those green colour leaves gives us an impression of coconut trees.

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thanks for all the apperciations, this motivates to do more....thanks again.