Apartment kolam

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About Apartment kolam:

Straight dots - 6 - 2

After a long time I was able to click a picture of one of the kolams that I made last week. Once I finished I just played with it a little bit and used a match stick to draw over the design (though it did not come out neatly as I expected it to). Managed to download photoshop on my son's system so I could crop and resize the image and here I am friends after a long gap. Hope you like this one..

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Apartment kolam


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judy your "Antique comb"he he kolam looks beautiful

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Judy back with novelty!
Is that comb gifted to you by Lakshmi? It has only 6 teeth at the bottom left! Blum 3

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Judy, back with a bang or comb? very bright and beautiful. I could feel your excitment . after a loooong gap nice treat from you.

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great artistic work!!!-suguna murugesan

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Wellcome back Judy madam! Novel design in the kitchen top! Very nice

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Very beautiful,judy

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comb kolam he he he ,shows ur extreme enthu to upload for us, fantastic job,

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Very cute kolam. Your designing methods are innovative and trendy too!!

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Judy Mam! It has come out nicely. Novel idea of using match sticks to beautify the design.

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Very nice kolam. Use of the match stick has given the kolam a different and new look. Had you not mentioned the use of match stick, I would not have been able to guess it.

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Very good kolam . This brought back my childhood memories when I used to do this style very often.

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Whoa Judy Smile loved the heart shape flowers on the sides Smile Beautiful as always Smile
hmmm.... getting ready for the 14th ??

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nice idea!

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Nice kolam and a creative idea of using match stick to highlight.

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Oh! we all like this one very much!

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pretty one ....is that a comb with hair clip Smile

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lovely jude.

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Wow...judy such a simple design but made so attractive using a match stick...superb pa...laksh...nice name haha

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Very bright and beautiful.One among the genius is back pavilion after a long gap.

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nice one

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Wow, lakshmi mam named it correctly as "Antique Comb" kolam. Nice kolam judy mam and your match stick work on that makes it look more beautiful.


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Wow!!! Missed your kolams dear and glad to see your kitchen top treats. The match stick touch looks different and nice.
"Dil Mange More"

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Thanks first for the warm welcome friends and for the comments Laks (for the cute name), Jaya (that comb is an old one so one tooth has fallen off - haha). Rajam, Suges, Nithya (this is actually the top of my shoe rack in my balcony), Veni, Uma, Sindhu, Kameshwari, Pragaya, Sowmi (ya I agree with you - we used to use matchsticks to draw in the sand too), Saras (you were the only one who remembered the 14th so looks like YOU are getting ready huh??), Indu, Veena, Chandy, Anirudh, Rani, Sudha (I am still a learner my dear), Radhika and Maha Biggrin

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Hello Vinci you are taking the 'word from my mouths' (remember Pammal K Sambandham dialogue) - I think I said that for your kolam and you are paying me back with the same coin?? Thanks a ton anyway ...

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this is simply superb:)
Regards, Malathi

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Thank you Malathi..

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very cute.

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Thanks Saraswathi..

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wow judy wonderful and excellent