dew drops contest

Submitted by umaraja on Thu, 02/02/2012 - 00:33
hai frnz,, these were done for d contest with more enthu and pleasure,,,, d 1st one was done in my kitchen floor 15 to 8,,, with blue extensions,,, d second one was done in my room in a bb,,, hope d dot counts r clear,,, a small vilakku kolam done in a circular manner,,,ur comments pls,,,
Wow...uma...both d kolams r so bright and beautiful dear...all d best.... :bigsmile: not at any point do i see ur dotted kolams travelling from ramnad to chennai neatly done... :bigsmile:
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Both kolams are very bright and lovely
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Suguna Murugesan
what is this uma!!!! both r excellent! i like second one :love: all the best 8)
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very bold and beautiful kolam uma both are very attractive superb colors :bigsmile:
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very beautiful rangoli..looks nice..all the best
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Both the kolams are birght and beautiful, Uma:)
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Wow...Well made wonderful kolams Uma. I liked the layer colouring of the first kolam very much. Nice colour combo. Well maintained symmetry in the second. Dots are only in Ramnad not anywhere else 0:) ;) :bigsmile:
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Uma dear, lovely and colorful kolams. I loved the chikku vilakku kolam a lot though, since I have seen your top kolam style a lot during marghazi the bottom one has caught my attention... beautifully done dear ... all the best to you :) :)
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Padma Prakash
Both are very pretty and colourful. Appreciate your patience in colouring with various coloured layers. The second one is simple and elegant. All the best :star: :star:
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coloring is mindblowing!! Great work!!
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Both the kolams/ rangolis are very pretty. The first one looks like a painting. The colors used are very pleasing to the eyes. The dottted out lines gives a nice effect. The second Deepam/flower kolam is very cute and colourful. Well done Uma!
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enna pa ellarum en kolatha paathu siripa sirichi irukeenga,,, n a matter,,, solunga frnz,,,,,,,,,,,, kalla vote lam potuteengala,,, oru vote ku oru kg kolapodi free ,,,, vote fast
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laksh iam paavam,, chinna pilla,, konjam extrava paathu vote panunga,,, unga kolam ku 1kg lam pathadhu so 10 kg free nu vachukalam,,,,
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neenga rmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nalla pilla,, na kaekamalaeyae extra vote enaku potrupeenga,, so ungaluku 2ltr mirinda bottle free free free
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1st kolam with bright colours--nice the 2nd chikku kolam looks very cute--kanaka
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uma dear, contest nnu sonna vudanay oru azhagaana paint kolam anuppichiteengalay? wow, very beautiful.Both kolam are beautiful.
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Wow, what a festive looking design the first one is!? It reminds me of Diwali celebrations with vibrant colors. :) The second design also looks nice in contrasting colors. Thanks so much for participating in the kolam contest. :)
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thank u frnz,,,,,, for ur votes and comments :)
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Wow Uma, excellent dear. Both the kolams looks fantastic.
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