happy muharram

Suguna Murugesan
happy muharram uma! your sb rangoli is so beautiful! buy colours in whole sale :D
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wow, wonderful work uma.Thanks for sharing this beautiful work and muharram day greetings.
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Your SB rangoli looks very fresh and pretty Uma...nice work. As suguna said buy colours in wholesale :bigsmile:
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thank u so much sugu, priya, suba and sowmi,,,
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Great work and greater gesture, umA ma'am! Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. True, fighting is forbidden during this month. Actually the harAm in muharram stands for the word "ban". The tenth day is called ashura and it is the day when mUsA (Moses) got deliverance from the Egyptian Pharaoh. It is particularly holy to the shia sect. On this tenth day, Hussein Ali, the grandson of prophet Mohammed was martyred at Karbala in Iraq. I have seen in Madras processions of Shia Muslims beating their chests and whipping themselves till blood covers their bodies. Alas, just today, more than fifty shias were killed in Afghanistan. That much for no fighting this month ;-) Regards! - mOhana
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Wow...very pretty sb rangoli done by u uma....hmmm...same pinch... me too worrying about my new set of cols...thats why using them as little as possible... :bigsmile:
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lovely uma mam :) how do u do such type of rangoli. do u put colors first in circles and then draw rangoli is it? can u tell me?
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wonderful...since your dedication goes to the festival, I remember rangoli poem by Dr.Nissar Ahamed, who gets scolding for drawing rangavalli...by copying his neighbour vEdavalli drawing it :-) May be Sir can give the full poem with translations. Sir, thanks for the details, even in bengaLuru, shivajinagar area we can see processions going on with all the chest beating.
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Wow what a colorful SB kolam Uma... enjoying all your beauties here
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Wonderful SB Rangoli Uma. Good description by JKM sir for the Muharram. Yes it is the first month in islamic calendar. Nov 26 2011 was their first day of Muharram. the 10th day is been marked sa "Muharram" in all the calendars, however that is not an enjoyable festival. It is a sad day as the grandson of the prophet was martyred. One interesting fact, I wanted to let u all know. Islamic calendar has only 354 days as against our English calendar 365 days. One of my colleague came back one day saying that they celebrated his priest's 100th Birthday in the mosque. As per Islamic calendar he completed 100 years, but his actual age as per English calendar is 97 only.
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Islamic calendar is a purely lunar calendar whereas others are luni-solar. In luni-solar calendars a correction is made for the 11 days and that is why we have the adhika mAsa or the extra month every three years. Long long ago, in Bombay rents used to be collected by some every amAvAsya day! We also have one more custom based on the lunar phases. Some people celebrate the Sata-chandra-darSana or the sighting of one hundred moons. This is considered to be living a full life in terms of age. This occurs after about 81 years or so. Regards! - mOhana
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wow, what an enriched comments session,,, i feel more glad to see so many interesting facts abt muharram in this page,,,i often prefer members to give a detailed comment abt d kolam and abt d occasion its made,, i am so much satisfied seeing this thank u so much jkm sir, rani, anirudh, pushpa and maha thank u tara, s dear first coloring is done and then draw designs as per ur taste,,, for further kolams search on sanskar barathi kolams or sb kolams, all d best
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Padma Prakash
Pretty SB kolam by you Uma. Thanks for the dedication for Muslim frnds. JKM sir and Maha, thank you so much for the description about muharam.
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