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Now a days people forget the Tanjavore Thalayatti Bommai. One day i said about the toy and i drew in a paper. My daughter Srenithy has also seen it in her grandma's house in India. She liked it very much. So she drew it yesterday night and asked to me to upload it before her coming from the school.

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Rangoli: Tanjore Toy


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Very nice Srenithy!
We have two Thanjavur dolls and use it only seasonally, mainly in a Golu-arrangement. Since they are made of clay, we don't give it our girls to play with them. They are so precious! Smile

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Thanks Lata aunty. My mother showed to me, but she didnot allow me to touch.

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Dear Srinithy Wow!! wow!! cute doll...ear rings,,, hair bands, bindhi good good..hey dress also nice...hmmmm i think after seeing ur doll u also looks very cute ....u have excelent taste...

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Lakshmi aunty thanks.

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hey srenithy its very cute yup i like it very much give it to me!!


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Pavan anna,
thanks. Take the doll from my gallery

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nanthini.s very nice looks vey cute

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Nanthini aunty,
- Srenithy

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Srenithy very cute Tanjore toy. I like this dress very much

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Malar chitthi,
Thank u so much.

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Srenithy dear it's really superb! Keep it up!I like the color combinations

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Jayanthi aunty,
thank u very much.

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Srenithy, your tanjore doll is very cute. You can actually try doing this with an empty egg shell.stuff the 3/4th broken shell with cotton, paint the face and decorate as u like it,Amma will assist u with her imaginations.

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Rajamma paati,
thank u very much. I will try the idea later.
- Srenithy

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Srenithy I liked her cute ponnies

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Thank u aunty. My bonnies are like the girl's bonnies.