Padi Kolam

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This is the padi kolam put in the engagement ceremony of my nephew by my sister and niece. Forwarded for you to enjoy.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam


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It is very nice of you sisters to share this wedding kolam with all of us, but, if possible, could you please try to upload a bigger image Smile

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Now that's what I call a speedy delivery! Reminds me of my grandma's favorite pazhamozhi, which is; Naan ellunna nee ennaingannum!!

A traditional wedding kalyana kolam, from highly experienced ladies! Smile
Let's talk about the details a bit, I feel like lifting the cute smaller sized sangus off of the floor! The longer ones look too dainty (they might not enjoy our touch). I hardly see any stray dots which tend to fall when we make with batter! And, the inner star surrounded by straight stripes, and the wavy outlines makes me think of my mom, and also my cousin's wedding that I'll be missing in April. The curls at the end of every step on the outer sides, is very nice.

I can't thank our Rajam madam, her sister and her niece enough for sharing this masterpiece here with us! Smile

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Rajammaji enna Magic panningu??kalail chiinakolama irundhadhu malail periya kolam eppadi???(Good food in engagement i think so... unga kolam valandhuducha hehehe) now it looks very very beautifull.Rajammaji please send some more wedding kolams..

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Lata, Iam Rajamma's sister Jaya Mohan.
Though Iam not as versatile as she is, I go through your site daily and appriciate everyone's art! Iam sending some of the wedding kolams (maakkolams) to be put in my gallery as per Rajamma's wish!

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It's a pleasure to "meet" you Jaya ma'am! I've worked with your kolams before, when I uploaded them in your galleries, and now I'm glad you've commented here so people will get to know you too Smile
I just visited your other kolams in your gallery, and the Kathakali pulses rangoli that was so popular in the Diwali contest! But, back then, we knew you as Jaya, and now we're coming to know you as Rajam ma'am's sister, that's the only difference!:)
I'll be uploading your kolams in the weekend, thank you for sending us these beautiful kolams.

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Lakshmi, Thambi udayaan also Thangai.While chatting I told her to upload the bigger version and she did immediately. Idhu thaan "Ellunna ennaiyaaga iruppadhu.

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Jaya, I saw your pulses kolam only now. very nice. U have lot of patience. Is the one you put for Navrathri kolu last year? Since there are 2 galleries in your name I missed it.

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This is a wonderful one...Loved it so share more such kolams

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Very nicce.
Jaya madam do you have scale in your mind?
I wounder how perfect the lines are. really super work. Thanks for sharing

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i am mad on this kolam... i want to try to try this out... Could you please let me know why exactly it is called padi kolam, i love this type of traditional kolams.