Navarathri Golu emphasis on "Health is Wealth" - 2010 - Full Golu view

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About Navarathri Golu emphasis on "Health is Wealth" - 2010 - Full Golu view:

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to share my creations with you all as much as I did enjoy making them. We have all heard of the saying in Tamil "Noyatra vaazhve kuraivatra selvam" meaning "Health is Wealth". How many of us actually take time to follow this? Here's my Village scene from India showing an emphasis on good health. Prevention is better than cure. Follow the wellness industry. "Iyyarkaiyaga thayaarikkapatta Maatru Vitamin"

The Village scene and Zoo are handcrafted by me. I have tried to capture lot of details including Arasamarum Pillayar (Ganesh under peepal tree), cow shed, some shops selling fruits and vegetables, hawkers, women carrying water from the well, farmers following organic methods of farming without the use of insectides or pesticides, some dwelling units and a Ganesha temple on top of the hill. The hill in actual scale is about 18" tall and is made of papier mache. I have even showed the teppakulam, bullock cart and to add to the landscape lots of coconut trees and other trees. The coconut trees are also made by me.

All the materials used are eco friendly.

Aparna Raghunathan

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Navarathri Golu emphasis on "Health is Wealth" - 2010 - Full Golu view


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lovely theme. All the best

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Dear Aparna,
Hari OM!

Attamma and I liked this very much. An excellent job! Keep up the good work and keep improving your artistic talent!

May Lord and Pujya Gurudev bless Prasanth and you with good health, wealth and happiness for ever!

With Love and OM,
Attamma and Mamayya

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Good theme. Well arranged. All the best.

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I appreciate your theme and efforts! Next time try a 'gram panchayath' also!

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Very beautiful and colorful . Nice theme. Good work. keep it up.

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your theme well appreciatted. nice village atmosphere brougtout in ur golu.

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Lovely arrangement - that Arasamarum Pillayar looks so very cute - all the best Smile

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Nice concept. I also appreciate your enthusiasm in making as many dolls as possible by yourself using eco friendly material.

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a very nice hand work and you have combined golu with a concept of health and you have created awarenes on health. the village looks real and arasamaram pilliar is eye catching. wish you all the best.

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Nice idea of using of eco friendly materials in your presentation.. All the best..
Jaya Maam, Gram Panchayat scene set up specifically under Alamaram or Arasamaram (Banyan or Pipal tree).Am I correct?

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Thank you all for your encouraging comments. An artist as much as he'she needs talent and creativity as much need an auidience to appreciate. Thank you again.
@ Jaya Maam, yes that's a great idea. Will incorporate that idea next time.

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It is highly commendable that you have brought out a real village scene in Navarathri kolu. Arasamaram pillayar, huts, all dolls including animals look so real. It could have been very nice if we could see the full view of Teppakulam. Overall it is a good effort which should be appreciated.

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Thank you all again. @ Radha, your right I wanted to get more of a detailed view of teppakulam. I tried to capture as much as I could within the frame. @ Vinci and Dawn: I've used things we throw away like card boxes of cereal, cookies, butter etc, fabric of old clothes, small barks/branches of trees, icecream sticks and paper and wood. The coconut trees are made from tree barks. I have twisted the pipe cleaner around with different colours to give more depth.

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Novel idea and very beautiful arrangement.. the coconut trees hv cm out good

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Beautiful display -nice theme ...... all the best

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Good work. Like father like daughter

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Love the detailing that you have done. Appreciate for your painstaking effort in making coconut trees, huts and hill and also decorating the dolls with traditional sari. Your enthusiasm and creative skills in full display here!!

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looks like a good theme and also the arrangement is also very good.

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colourful and very nice. all the best.

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some disturbance in arrangement.
But good one