Sikku Kolam - 23

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About Sikku Kolam - 23 : PRINT

Hi Friends,this big sikku kolam drawn on saturday in front of my house.dots-25-1.views please...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 23


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Excellent Veni, U have combined the five similar kolams in a a nice patteren. As usual ur stokesa are very neat and nice.

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nice, neat and perfect.

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Thank you rajamma mam and sudha....

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Excellent kolam Veni. Though I love putting big kolams the only task that is difficult for me is putting the dots. You seem to do it effortlessly - hats off to you Smile

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Thank you judy and uma.

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Fantastic kolam

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ooooooooo 25 lines! Some patience and perseverance! As Rajamma ma'am said, looks like different kolams drawn and then joined together. The inner 7-7, just after that 9-9, etc. Since my big kolams do not come out well due to lack of symmetry, I usually take only the centre motif or a central motif and copy them . Here I can get so many different types! Thank you.

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excellent work, keep it up.

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Hi veni excellent kolam. hats off to your patience for putting "N" number of dots in a symmetric manner and completing such a huge sikku kolam without mistakes is also a challenge. Great yaar.

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Thank you nithya,dawn,vyjayanthi,padma...

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wow soooooo big chikku kolam ,excellent creation

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Appappa yevvalavu cikkal. Very beautiful.

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Adadaddaa evalo periya kolam. Supera irukku.

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Chikkal illada chikku kolam super Veni maam... you are so good at this....

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Thank you lakshmi,vasi mam,padma and pushpa.

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Well drawn, I admire your even dot spacing, Very difficult for me to place..

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sssssssss...... parthale kanna kattudhe. miga porumaiyai, azhagai varaindha kolam.

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Excellent kolam veni mam

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Very nice