Ugadi Rangolis

Rangoli: UGADI

Hi! Friends! Wishing you all happy ugadi with a small rangoli.

Rangoli: ugadi-kolam

this kolam will be very apt for new year festival like ugadi which is the season for mangoes.

Rangoli: kolam

This kolam was drawn in front on my house on Ugadi.

Rangoli: Kolam

This kolam was drawn in front of our house on Ugadi by my House Owner's Servant.

Rangoli: Rangoli

This is a free hand rangoli - on ugadi in front of my house.

Rangoli: Elephants welcome Ugadi!

12-12 straight dots kolam. i think these elephants welcome ugadhi to our home

Rangoli: Happy Ugadi!

This Rangoli is created on the eve of Virodhi nama samvatsara Ugadi. Middle rangoli is 9 dots - 3 rows - upto 3

Rangoli: Happy Ugadi

This wish is for all those who are celebrating Ugadi.... Hope your new year is filled with love and happiness always.... Sending a plate of Ugadi special for all to enjoy....

Rangoli: Happy Ugadi!

Happy ugadhi wishes to all of our kolam friends.
(tried out a computer kolam).

Rangoli: Ugadhi greeting card:-27/3/2009

The festival of "UGAADI"is celebrated on the first day of Telugu/Kannada new year .each year has got it's own specific name.The name for this new year is "Virodhi nama varsha" on 27-3-2009.

On this day telugu people prepare "UGAADI PACHADI"(chutnee}using six ingredients(SHADRUCHIES}such as SALT,GREEN CHILLIES {in some places pepper is also used}TAMARIND,NEEM FLOWERS,JAGGERY AND RAW MANGOES.The philosophy behind this is that life is a mixture of experiences and we have to face it with an even mind.
Pavan,bharathi& myself create a rangoli using above items in photoshop.