Ugadi Rangolis

Rangoli: Happy Ugadi -Gudi Padwa

Dear friends...A very Very Happy Ugadi and GudiPadwa to you all. Here is a chikku kolam for the occasion. Your views on this please. Smile

Rangoli: Ugadi spl kolam

Hai to all....Happy Ugadi Smile ...this kuzhal kolam made for the spl day...ur views please Smile

Rangoli: ugadi special

padikolam design for ugadi was made on photo shop as usual.Hope you like it.Happy ugadi to all of our telugu ,kannada friends.

Rangoli: small design done on ugadi

Smile this is one of my fav design..hope u like it

Rangoli: Ugadi-2012

Ugadi: Marking the beginning of new year...., signifies that we need to accept both joy and sorrow equally....and also marks the beginning of spring season and season of Mangoes....hence I put green and mango as theme....

Rangoli: Ugadi Special

This was drawn for ugadi. Combination of kolams with red outline.

Rangoli: Daily raaga

hi friends this kolam was drawn in front of my house on Ugaadi day..busy with some other work so no time to draw new drawn old design only...

Rangoli: Ugadi special
This rangoli was published on 2012-03-23.
Rangoli: Happy Ugadi

Happy ugadi dear friends. My small free hand kolam, Rani mangos are created specially for you. Your comments please

Rangoli: Happy chAMdramAna naMdana saMvatsarAdi - Happy ugAdi - Happy yugAdi - Happy guDhI pADvA !

Here is a quickie to commemorate the occasion. It is made up of the letter "n" standing for nandana and the same letter upside down "u" standing for ugAdi. I'll give some poems in the metre nandana, first discovered in the seventh century, later. May happiness radiate in the new year with peace and prosperity all over the world! Regards! - mOhana