Ugadi Rangolis

Rangoli: sikku kolam55

this is ugahi special count is visible.

Rangoli: Ugadi Special Rangoli

Hello friends...Happy Ugadi to All...hope you like this special rangoli made by me on this auspicious day...eagerly waiting for your views Smile

Rangoli: Happy chandamana Ugaadi

Hi friends Happy ugaadi to all.. Smile kolam drawn for ugaadi festival..copied from one of the religious is know as Chakrabja mandala..

Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi (Ugaadi)

Happy Yugaadi to all.

'Yuga' meaning 'era' and 'aadi' means 'the beginning’.

Lakshmi ma'm has already provided more details of the festival Smile

A simple festival decoration done last year, not sure how i missed this to share.

Have a blessed year ahead.

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

This is my attempt on the day of Ugadi. Please give any suggestions for further improvement. Ur views pls.

Rangoli: My first rangoli

hello.....this is my first rangoli [12-2] to post...
this was done on ugadi...though it was done by me the pose is given by my sweet little niece Sarayu.....

Rangoli: Rangoli on Ugadi

Dear all,

Here is a free hand rangoli done on this Ugadi. Thanks Usha.

Rangoli: Ugadhi

This rangoli is made on Ugadhi day........ a simple rangoli with colours..........


Hi friends we wish Happy UGADI to all ikolam family.As per hindu calender this new year known as Khara Nama Samvatsara.we have drawn this rangoli for Ugadi..this is a dotted rangoli dotes..18x2 up to 2...
we have shown in this rangoli..tamarind,jaggery,raw mango,neem flowers&leaves,banana,green chillies,salt(ingreediants for making ugadi pachadi(paste)..)this was drawn by Bharathi,pinky and myself

Rangoli: Sikku-Kolam-27

This was specially made for "Chaandramaana Ugaadi"- (new year for us). I have not rotated the image as it was looking un-symmetric. The dot count is visible. An easy sikku kolam for you and your views.