Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Created by Vinci on 2011-01-28,

A small chikku kolam 9x1 made by me. I was delighted to see the colored version of chikkus in ikolam and wanted to try. Please give your comments, do highlight the flaws as I need to mend myself Smile

Thank you Mrs.Rajammma for introducing chikku in colors.

Rangoli: Sikku-kolam-20
Created by Padma Prakash on 2011-01-23,

This is a chikku kolam with dot count 9-1. Hope you like it....

Rangoli: dotted kolam
Created by vijayasabari on 2011-01-23,

this is dotted kolam 9*1 dots. this is drawn by me.

Rangoli: Kolam
Created by vl.uma on 2011-01-05,

I hereby attaching 9 dot kolam drawn on a diary

Rangoli: Daily-kolam-7
Created by Padma Prakash on 2010-12-07,

This is a familiar kolam of dotcount 9-1. I am uploading this under daily kolam category.

Rangoli: flat kolam
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-12-06,

I am always worrying that the floor is white in colour.So I cannot put kolams likewise.
On seeing Rajamma mams brown colour kolam, i got idea and triedout with a little flat kolam.
Of course, i have to allot space for my pretty plants, janglee jinglee terracota and then a little space is left for kolam.
O.K. done. This is dotted kolam with 9-1.

Ammu ippo purinjutha nan ean q.kolam, e.kolam ellamnu..............(are you clear why i shifted to q.kolam and e.kolam?).

Chikku kolam
Created by Lata on 2010-12-05,

Here is an animated chikku kolam. Dots: 9 to 1

Rangoli: Daily-Kolam-5
Created by Padma Prakash on 2010-12-04,

This is dotted kolam with dot count 9-1. Your views pls.....

Rangoli: karthigai kolam
Created by ssarita4484 on 2010-11-29,

a simple dot kolam with 9X1 dot...can be easily extended....

Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli
Created by ssarita4484 on 2010-11-26,

a mix of 9X1 kolam and a random freehand kolam..