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Rangoli: Golu 2006
Created by meenaranjani on 2010-09-15,

This is our golu in dublin in the year 2006.

Rangoli: Best Golu concept
Created by premaragu on 2010-03-03,

This was the dance performed by the gopiyers with krishna, and i got this concept from an tv program. I made a rangoli and implied the dance on that, this shall provide you good idea for your next navarathri.

Rangoli: Fruit Rangoli
Created by Sumathi.v on 2009-10-05,

This year Kapaleeswar temple had the Asthathiku Kolu alangaram which was a splendid sight and fruit Rangoli was a part of it.I heard that everyday there was a special rangoli of flowers ,grains, candies etc.Hope you enjoy this picture.

Rangoli: doll dressed up for golu
Created by lataravi on 2009-09-23,

it is a doll madeup of pop with only Head, Hands And Upper body only.
I have placed the upper body and head on an iron stand, stuffed with news paper to give it proper curves and wrapped a complete 6yards sari around the stand, putting my jewellery on it to cover the joints at neck.
I am sharing this with you all so that you can also try it out at your place.
Any queries about this is most welcome.

Rangoli: Carpet Kolam
Created by rajamma_2 on 2009-06-03,

During Navraathri, one day I told my daughter Jayashree (now Sahana's mother) who was in her teens then, to put Rangoli in the Golu since I have to go to office. Just gave her the paper design and the color powder and left for office. In the evening when I returned, she surprised me with this rangoli.I got this photo today from my album so wanted Sahana to enjoy her mother's work thru ikolam.

Rangoli: Dancing Annam - 1995
Created by rajamma_2 on 2009-06-02,

Viji Madam makes designs in Sarees, but I made this Rangoli from the design in my saree. It was made way back in 1995 during Navarathri in front of Kolu.

Rangoli: Under water rangoli
Created by madhuharini on 2009-02-05,

This is first trial of under water kolam. It is placed in my golu. How is it? Pass any new ideas to use colours under water.

Rangoli: Navrathri - Rangoli
Created by rajashreeraja on 2009-02-02,

This was made on one of the days of navrathri/golu at home

Rangoli: Kolu
Created by kameswari on 2009-01-31,

This is Girivalam (Thiruvannamalai)set. It is surrounded by Ashta Dikpalaka Lingas. Priest and Devotees are also to be seen.

Rangoli: Golu
Created by kameswari on 2009-01-31,

This is is the image of kolu kept for Pongal in our house. In Andhra kolu will be kept for Pongal