Dancing Annam - 1995

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Viji Madam makes designs in Sarees, but I made this Rangoli from the design in my saree. It was made way back in 1995 during Navarathri in front of Kolu.


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very very nice

very very nice

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as usual cute wk rajamma,

as usual cute wk rajamma, konjam color panirukalamae, instead of inner white wk

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Nice one!...

Nice one!...

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Madhuharini, congrats on

Madhuharini, congrats on your getting promoted to "Paatti". Nice that u have time to visit us.

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Unga veettu navarathrikku

Unga veettu navarathrikku engalai alaikudhu.Rajammaji,aduththa goluvil innum differenta ethirparkkiroom.

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Rajam ma'm, your annam has a

Rajam ma'm, your annam has a beautiful expresive eyes.

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Rajammavin annamin azaghay

Rajammavin annamin azaghay thani thaan... this rangoli rug looks so real..

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Pudhaiyal thondum padalam?

Pudhaiyal thondum padalam?

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Wow! Very nice Rajamma

Very nice Rajamma mam.Looking like original carpet.
Annam is ready to come in any form ex. my coffee painting.
But this Rangoli is super.
It is good that you preserved the photo.

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Made in 1995! Birdie, you

Made in 1995! Birdie, you are HOME! Smile
Sorry madam, this now belongs to all of us! Smile