Rangoli: musical kolam - 2
Created by abcd 123 on 2011-01-04,

This is my second kolam with musical instruments.This is a 15x3 dotted kolam.
Because of freezing cold my kolam was shaken a bit and i could not beautify it. how is it?
plz give u r comments.

Rangoli: The BengaLuru meet - banner
Created by anirudh on 2010-04-19,

Here is banner done for the event. The center design separate rabbits rangoli playing the welcome music (inspired by one drum beating rabbits) and the border inspired by the Ministers of Darbar rangoli (base 12X7 straingt) in my collection. After designing this i saw similar clown pyramid by Vani Muthukrishnan's blog too and Pavan also used it. Very nice co-incidence we all think similar Smile ...wondering what do with leftover dots, so fusioned the sikku kolams there, first time did some trails on sikku kolams to get it perfect and match the dots.......minutes of the meeting on the way....until enjoy this

Dot counts:
Center - 15 X 8 - middle
Border - welcome couple (base 12 X 7 - straight) - 5 times to fill the whole line
Side border - Clowns - (base 7 X 6 - straight) - 6 times to fill the whole side.
Will add more borders i tried out for before selecting one.

Rangoli: Music has no religion, language, race !
Created by ckgmabs on 2010-03-15,

Music does not have any religion ,language,race , it is the need of the hour not only for India but for the world too ! It is also one of my prize winning rangoli in the Neyveli

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by gayathriprasad on 2009-03-31,

Hi Lata, I am Bharathi's brother's wife. I am from Visakhapatnam.
This is a dotted rangoli drawn in front of my house during pongal day. Dots for this rangoli is 24x6x6. Your views please.

Rangoli: Rangoli - Music theme
Created by k.ANANTHALAKSHMI on 2008-10-29,
This rangoli was published on 2008-10-29.
Rangoli: Harvest party 2007
Created by sarada.vempati on 2007-10-23,

The number of dots for this kolam is 17 dots 3 lines till 3 dots......straight dots.

Rangoli: Shells
Created by fleurderonce on 2007-04-12,

This kolam is from a temple of la Reunion, sent to us by Madam Florence Callandre who is a teacher in reunion island university in France. She has sent us this image of a conches kolam, which was chosen for the cultural week of that university. Her students chose to make that kolam with conches because the topic for the occasion was "music".

Veena and Lotus kolam
Created by Visitor on 2006-06-27,

This musical instruments kolam was done by Mrs.Geethamirtham's daughter during the season of Marghazhi. (In south India, Tamilnadu, the winter months called Margazhi begin around mid-December and last until mid-January).

Vadya kolam
Created by Visitor on 2006-06-26,

This unique kolam pattern with many music instruments is contributed by Mrs.Saroja from India.