Veena and Lotus kolam

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This musical instruments kolam was done by Mrs.Geethamirtham's daughter during the season of Marghazhi. (In south India, Tamilnadu, the winter months called Margazhi begin around mid-December and last until mid-January).


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pls suggest the dots and no.of lines.

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Pls tel the no of dots

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the no.of dots for this kolam is 23 dots 3 lines till 3 dots ..straight dots


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the CORRECT no.of dots for this kolam is 17 dots 3 lines till 3 dots ..straight dots..try this really works..


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Hi need help ! This kolams enlarged ver. does not pop up. Can u pls draw it do something and post so that I can pick it up, ofcourse with lataji's due permission. I wanted to do this coming saturday as its vasanth panchami..