Rangoli: jaya puzzle
Created by subashini on 2012-07-11,

I tried one more answer for jaya's puzzle.some thing wrong.Let me see.

Rangoli: Answer to puzzle
Created by jayamohan on 2012-07-10,

Answer to puzzle dedicated to Rajamma on her b'day!

Here is the answer to the above puzzle. I am sure many would have done it correctly. Waiting to see the results.

Rangoli: Jaya Mam's Puzzle Kolam
Created by smahalakshmi on 2012-07-09,

Hi Friends, I know very well that all of you will start laughing once you see this kolam, since it is no where closer to the answer. I created this kolam before Jaya mam gave us the clue saying that 24 saplings represents 24 dots. I couldn't do that and was in a dilemma whether to upload this kolam or not. As this puzzle was dedicated to Rajamma mam, then I decided to upload this kolam, since I didn't want to disappoint Rajamma mam as usual. She feels disappointed if we do not participate in the puzzles given by her. But I'm not that much intelligent to solve those puzzles. Now I uploaded thi kolam in order to show her that I have done some homework but couldn't arrive at the correct answer. The basic logic itself is not correct. As per Jaya mam it has to be a dotted kolam but I have done it as a free hand padi kolam. Let me know your feedback.

Rangoli: Puzzle kolam by jaya
Created by subashini on 2012-07-06,

Here is my answer to jaya's puzzle.I don't know , whether it is right or wrong. but I enjoyed it .My belated birth day wishes to Rajam .

Rangoli: Puzzle Kolam - Just in paper
Created by vijaysowmya on 2012-07-05,

Dear friends...here is a kolam done using the puzzle solution given by Jaya mam. Without having any idea whether the basic design is correct or not I have done a design using the same in a paper. J) J) :~ If this is correct then I will give my floor version. Wink :bigsmile:

Rangoli: Jayaji's puzzle - 1
Created by anirudh on 2012-07-03,

Here is my interpretation of Jayaji's puzzle. The clue made it much easier.
8-petalled green flower gives the top view of the tress and squares the plots. Hope my answer is correct.

Dot grid:
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
top: leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines, from RHS 5 dots- 5lines
down: 5 dots- 5 lines, from RHS leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines.

Confusing dots then easy with free hand too Smile

Rangoli: Jaya mam's Puzzle
Created by vijaysowmya on 2012-07-02,

Dear friends ...here is my solution to Jaya mam's Puzzle kolam. :bigsmile: I hope this is correct. :~ :~

Rangoli: Jaya's puzzle solution
Created by rajamma_2 on 2012-07-02,

Jaya, thanks for gifting me a puzzle. Without clues I have solved it. only now I got time to upload this.
The Pink dots represent the coconut trees. The line filling will give the clear picture of the area allotted for each son. Each getting two squares and 2 triangles making it three times of the father's land!