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Rangoli: sikku kolam
Created by Bairavikumaran on 2014-07-25,
This rangoli was published on 2014-07-25.
Rangoli: Maakkolam with beeds
Created by rajamma_2 on 2014-03-02,

I saw a simple kolam ( the one in the centre) drawn in a kolam book. Just tried combining the design in the 3,2,1 order to get a big design. Drew this with wet maavu and decorated with colour lines and green beeds.Hope u will like it Smile

Rangoli: Ratha sapthami
Created by mymug on 2014-02-08,
This rangoli was published on 2014-02-08.
Rangoli: Pongal 2014 rangoli
Created by drshireesha on 2014-01-22,

Happy Pongal to all my dear friends.. This did rangoli on Bhogi day.. Thought of sharing with you all.. Smile Though I'm late Wink

Rangoli: Complete the incomplete
Created by rajamma_2 on 2012-07-08,

This is the completed version of my cafe in complete kolam. You all could have searched the galleries to get guidance. Wink Hai naa.. Rani!!! :bigsmile:( I really missed to see your original version when uploaded Dirol
When we were young we, sisters while wlaking on the road if we see a nice chikku kolam, we used to take the available bit of paper piece and one will draw the one side and other one will copy the other side of the kolam in a hurry and come home. After that, with the bit and pieces copied we will arrive at the full kolam. I remembered that and created this excercise.

Rangoli: Jaya's puzzle solution
Created by rajamma_2 on 2012-07-02,

Jaya, thanks for gifting me a puzzle. Without clues I have solved it. only now I got time to upload this.
The Pink dots represent the coconut trees. The line filling will give the clear picture of the area allotted for each son. Each getting two squares and 2 triangles making it three times of the father's land!

Rangoli: diyas
Created by ankubala on 2012-01-24,

This Kolam offers diyas and Lotus to god on a friday Morning Angel Angel