romantic rangolis

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli
Created by Diya on 2010-02-14,

This is my valentine rangoli, which I made out of paper, red and pink rangoli powder, glue and colored sago for writing the "Bee Mine" message. Hope you enjoy it!

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli using cookies
Created by mani on 2010-02-14,

Lata asked me to participate in the romantic rangolis event, and I had to think of something really fast. All I did was open up my daughter's valentine cookie box, and placed four of them on a plate. Happy Valentine's day!

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli - in 2 minutes
Created by Lata on 2010-02-14,

Here is my 2 minute valentine rangoli. I drew up a bird on a folded paper, and cut two stencils out of it. I've used a red card-stock as my background. Along with the two birds, I placed a big heart shaped candy box lid, a small heart-candy, a plastic flower, and dusted white rangoli powder over the whole arrangement to make this quick rangoli. I know, it also looks like a face. Smile