Valentine rangoli - in 2 minutes

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Here is my 2 minute valentine rangoli. I drew up a bird on a folded paper, and cut two stencils out of it. I've used a red card-stock as my background. Along with the two birds, I placed a big heart shaped candy box lid, a small heart-candy, a plastic flower, and dusted white rangoli powder over the whole arrangement to make this quick rangoli. I know, it also looks like a face. Smile

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli - in 2 minutes


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Swift rangoli? Looks like the face of an Indian woman with big 'bindi' and wide open mouth after chewing bida!

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Lata its your face? conveying your LOVE for us!
So we all can follow u to make easy cute wishing cards just like that. thanks for everything... in making all of us to participate in this LOVEGAME!

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I also think its Lata's face.she shows her love through her face.

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cool one lataji....looks like namaste Valentine Smile ...remember those namaste wallplates?

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Oh!!! different way of expressing Love!!!Oh!! beautiful face!!

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Looks like Kali's face with the tongue out,but the kuruvis are looking cute

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We can't stop laughing at what you've written Sumathi. :0

Actually, you are very close, this is another kind of K love Smile

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Sumathi...hehe nice comment!!hmm "Kateri Love".. i think...

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Lata, nice smiling face with love. You have good creative mind.

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We must appreciate your crestivity and the artistic mind.

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Lakshmi,Katerii also needs to be pleased at times laa

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Well kateri and the colour red matches I think - what do you say Lakshmi and Sumathi?? Just joking Lata - well it looks really sweet - looks like a lady with closed eyes and those bird legs look like eyelashes. I am sure it gets difficult to remove the stencil without damaging the outline of the design after the powder is dusted right??

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Very cute and quick aunty Smile I have the same question as Judy aunty about the stencils...

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I'm revisiting this page because of the humor :0

It is interesting to learn how members respond. Some people tell you upfront about how they perceive, whereas, some of them might hesitate to say anything. Others leave polite comments and very few of our members say the funniest of them all. And then, there are some comments that are one of a kind, with "things" that are not commonly thought of. Some members need to be prodded, or given a clue to extract more Wink

And there are some members who enjoy comments more than the rangolis. I'm thinking of Sudha at the moment, who usually comments on everything, mostly with a song. Probably she couldn't come up with a song that had "bhootham" in it, what do you call such a thing in Kannada? Smile

Yes Judy and Preeti, I wouldn't have uploaded it, had it got smudged when I lifted up the stencils. It was a one shot deal. Surya had more fun making whiskers on it later on.

I haven't seen namaste wallplates.

Btw, here is what Aarushi said when I was working on this: "mom, are you trying to make an asura!!?".

Thank you so much for the laughs everybody. May good humor be with us for all our days!