Rangoli: Mohanaji's rangoli on paper
Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Chameleon
Rangoli: Quilling
Rangoli: It's strawberry season!
Rangoli: Valentine rangoli
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Mohanaji's rangoli on paper
  • Dotted kolam
  • Chameleon
  • Quilling
  • It's strawberry season!
  • Valentine rangoli
  • Bag
  • Hanuman's backbone
Rangoli: Mohanaji's rangoli on paper

Tried Mohanaji's pattern on the paper with colored pencils.

I've used one more level other than Mohanaji. Here is the level of complexity:

n = 0, no of lines = 0, no of dots = 1
n = 1, no of lines = 1 (1 green), no of dots = 5
n = 2, no of lines = 5 (4 green, 1 pink), no of dots = 25
n = 3, no of lines = 9 (4 green, 4 pink, 1 blue), no of dots = 61
n = 4, no of lines = 13 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 1 purple), no of dots = 113
n = 5, no of lines=17, (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 purple, 1 orange) no of dots = 181

Thank you for the workout, Mohanaji. Smile

Rangoli: Dotted kolam

A dotted kolam drawn and colored using colored pencils.

Rangoli: Chameleon

Chameleon made in quilling.

Rangoli: Quilling

I had made this rangoli using the quilling technique in my summer break.

Rangoli: It's strawberry season!

Nowadays, we're enjoying strawberries almost everyday! Strawberry happens to by my favorite berry and I've enjoyed making this rangoli using colored sand. I liked it a lot, after I colored it red and green. Hope you like it too.
Dotted strawberry rangoli, with 13 to 1 dots, parallel style.

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli

This is my valentine rangoli, which I made out of paper, red and pink rangoli powder, glue and colored sago for writing the "Bee Mine" message. Hope you enjoy it!

Rangoli: Bag

I made this bag out of left over cloth material last year, when I was learning how to sew.

Rangoli: Hanuman's backbone

A Bal Vihar class project made by me, in January 2009.