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  • 10 x 10 dotted rangoli
  • Dotted kolam
  • Imaginary kolam
  • Yet another rangOli with 10x10 dots
  • 10 * 10 Valentine's Day
  • fish kolam
  • 10 x 10 Kolam
  • 10 x 10 Dotted Rangoli
  • 10x10 kolam
  • The 10 -10 collection
Rangoli: 10 x 10 dotted rangoli
Created by rajamma_2 on 2011-02-09,

this is a dotted design with dot count 10x10 straight dots.the design extended outside. Lata, I remember that you wanted us to give our drawings with this dot count no? Here is mine.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Created by Ganga Lakshminarayanan on 2011-02-09,

My sis in law and my self did it during marghazhi.
Birds kolam dots 10 by 10.

Rangoli: Imaginary kolam
Created by rajapriyaks on 2011-02-09,

Hi this is my imaginary kolam for the 10X10 dots pattern.

Rangoli: Yet another rangOli with 10x10 dots
Created by jkmrao on 2011-02-09,

This pattern is based on a very ordinary common rangOli with (1,3,5,3,1 in between) in the general parlance or (3x3) square dots in my way. They are joined together. There are many lines in this one unlike the two previous where we had only two lines. But here the symmetry is higher (422). I created in such a way that it reminds one of a stained glass window. Enjoy!

regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: 10 * 10 Valentine's Day
Created by indira sundar on 2011-02-09,

Dear Friends,
This is another 10 * 10 dotted Valentine's Day Special kolam.

Rangoli: fish kolam
Created by julien on 2011-02-09,

very simple kolam., to learn to begineer., this kolam is fish with flowers.
dots 10-10 straight

Rangoli: 10 x 10 Kolam
Created by dibbutn on 2011-02-09,

This is my contribution to the 10 x 10 kolam, courtesy AV.

Rangoli: 10 x 10 Dotted Rangoli
Created by bsindhuja on 2011-02-09,

I tried to make a dotted Padikolam(??) as Padi kolams are my favourite (also difficult for me to draw free hand!!) Though it is a 10 x 10 dot matrix, I have made a lot of free hand additions too. Hope it resembles a Padi kolam!!

Rangoli: 10x10 kolam
Created by Pragaya on 2011-02-09,

This is my 10x10 chikku kolam. This kolam is from my collection of kolams. I made some small changes here and there and made it into a 10x10 chikku kolam.

Rangoli: The 10 -10 collection
Created by judelined on 2011-02-09,

After Suguna's temptation and Lata's go ahead here comes my first 10 - 10 (straight dots) pookolam. I tried this one on my kitchen top but was not too happy as the kolapodi was sprinkling too far out, leaving a glow for every line I drew and the picture quality was also not to my satisfaction so this is what I landed up with. Hope you all like it. I think I have a few more which I will share if I am allowed to by Lata