Rangoli: Diya
Created by malar anand on 2010-12-20,

Hi Friends,
this was done on is it? Ur suggestions pls..

Rangoli: Simple design with ganapathi stencil
Created by devilakshmi on 2010-12-20,

simple design with ganapathi stencil. let me know your feedback

Rangoli: Ganesha
Created by yashhegde on 2010-12-18,

Created During Ganesha caturthi. A free hand rangoli and colored. It was raining on that day.

Rangoli: Ganapathi –Tooth Brush Spay painting
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-12-15,

This is a tooth brush spray painting done on the silk (kanjivaram) piece of cloth. This was my first attempt like this. Please comment. Your valuable comment will definitely help me in improvising my skill
I have to cut one of my silk saris to Design Baratha natyam dress, for my daughter when she was in Higher KG as she was selected to welcome the audience. Instead of wasting the remaining material I thought of doing this painting

Rangoli: colourful kolam
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2010-12-13,

This is a colourful kolam which I did using buds techniques during pooja in my home . In the middle I have kept hand painted photo of Lord Ganesha . I have used rangoli powders which suits my floor colour.

Rangoli: Quilling
Created by shalini_srivastava on 2010-12-07,

Hi! I was this in my daughters school liked it very much beautifully done job... i want to learn this art can anybody help me?

Rangoli: vinayagar & lingam in rangoli
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2010-12-05,

This work is done in combination of myself and my mom during navarathri in vinayagar temple which is nearby my home. I have used rangoli powders & glitter powders to decorate.

Rangoli: Ganesha for Diwali contest!
Created by mathangs22 on 2010-11-15,

Here is a Rangoli of a side-lying Ganesha inspired by a Tanjore painting which I made for our Hindu Temple in Canton, Michigan. The temple celebrates Diwali by letting kids and adults make Rangolis inside the temple a week before Diwali, every year! That is the special importance Rangoli gets , here in Michigan! And its a beautiful sight to see little kids and adults create different rangolis with various mediums - rangoli powder, saboodhana, flowers,fruits etc. I am proud to say that this side lying Ganesha won the applaud and compliments of everyone there !


Rangoli: zodiac ganesha - contest
Created by sharkey batra on 2010-11-15,

my rangoli size is 15ft by 7.5ft.This rangoli is about is about 12
ganesha ideal representing the 12 zodic took 13hr to make hole rangoli.

Rangoli: GANESHA ON DEEPAWALI - contest
Created by jyotsnapathak on 2010-11-15,

Rangoli made on glass table using rangoli powder colours by Mrs Jyotsna Pathak