Golu contest 2010

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Rangoli: golu contest
Created by chandrikaa on 2010-10-18,

hai to everybody,
This year our golu with 7 steps of doll arrangement with traditional rules with an elephant welcoming the guests,the theme of spiritual temple tour, a scenic waterfalls,5 steps of hand made craft work and an entartaiment area too.i took this opportunity to welcome one and all to our golu


Rangoli: Garbhodhaka Shayi Vishnu
Created by Raghavendra.Nivas on 2010-10-18,

Sriman Narayana out of compassion and to save HIS bhakthas from asuras or demons have incarnated in this material world time and again.HIS avathara leelas are plenty and beyond our count.However ten avatharas of Vishnu are considered as most important ones and you are now watching them on the left pane in flash.

The prime ten incarnations of SrI Maha vishnu are:


Only under certain conditions do the planets float as weightless balls in the air, and as soon as these conditions are disturbed, the planets may fall down in the Garbhodaka Ocean, which covers half the universe. The other half is the spherical dome within which the innumerable planetary systems exist.

Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura explains that the different hellish planets within this universe are held slightly above the Garbhodaka Ocean and remain situated there.

Lord Shesha is often seen floating on the causal waters of the Garbhodaka Ocean, which exists on the bottom of the universe. Lord Vishnu is thus resting on Sheshanaga as They float on the ocean. At other times, They are viewed floating on the Kshiramudra, or an ocean of white milk. This represents the Prakriti or the ingredients of the unmanifest material nature in its purest form.

Our Golu this time depicts Maha-Vishnu reclined on sesha on Garbhodaka sea and also symbolizes that Sacred river Ganga in nothing but a drop of water in the Garbhodhaka Ocean.

Rangoli: My Golu
Created by senthil_1802 on 2010-10-18,

Leader Mahatma Gandhi with Followers Gautama buddha, Vivekanandar & Poeters Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Thiruvalluvar

Rangoli: Navaraathiri Colors
Created by bharath.varadarajan on 2010-10-18,

We just wanna show how navaraathiri can be made so colorful and beautiful

Rangoli: Golu: Kathibara flyover part II
Created by prash on 2010-10-18,

i hav attached another pic. plse check it.

Rangoli: Navarathri Golu Snaps
Created by vasanth678 on 2010-10-18,

Hi everybody.,

Wishing you all a great Navarathri. This is a celebration of the Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathy. Every year , I make it a point that something interesting is done. We have 9 steps, a Park and a special attraction for kids every year. Last year we won a prize in local competition. The park is made with the theme of "GO GREEN, GROW TREES " and Encourages with captions "LAUGH , SMILE AND TALK WHILE YOU WALK ", The park setting is made with precision considering the local park in my area and people can easily identify it.This year's special attraction for kids is ''Godzilla Climax" where the Army will fight the dinosaur's off the Main tower building in the city. I have made special light settings for this. Special sound effects of the fight scene is on the process which involves real sounds of dinosaurs and War fields. A complete decoration of the steps, park and settings and jhighlighted with imported serail bulbs.Hope you all will like it.

Thanks and Regards


Rangoli: Golu Contest - Navarathri
Created by Sumithra16 on 2010-10-18,

Our theme of Golu for this year is - Life at Village & Festival of Tamil Sangamam

We have placed golu bommais traditionally in five steps and have made created a village , with Village sandhai, Grama panchayat , general village scenes on one side of the Golu Steps.

On the other side, we have created a theatric scene of how Tamil Sangamam is held

Uploading pictures for your review.


Rangoli: Golu photos
Created by kala_thiagarajan on 2010-10-18,

Please find the golu photos that were taken in our house.

Rangoli: Navatri 2010
Created by sumakai on 2010-10-18,

Here is my golu with the theme of Kanchipuram city.

Rangoli: Traditional 7 step Navarathri Golu with Multiple Themes
Created by Sudha Ramanujam on 2010-10-18,

There are Dolls depicting Dasavatharam, Dolls showing the Tirupathi Brahmotsavam, Dolls Displaying Ashtalakshmi and Dolls of Krishna's Leelas. There is a full model on the right showing the arduous climb one has to make to reach Mukthinath. There is also set depicting the pulling of the Temple Chariot (Ther Thiruvizha). On the far left is a model of Krishna in Brindhavanam. Not seen in this picture is a complete model of Mithilapuri and King Janaka's Palace where Lord Rama and Sita see each other for the first time. In the fore ground is a freehand colour Rangoli depicting Gita Upadesam.