navrathri 2010

Rangoli: Third Day of Navrathri Maakolam
Created by dibbutn on 2010-10-11,

This is a maakolam (courtesy AV) with dot count 4 x 4 and 3, 2, 1 on all 4 sides... hope you like it

Rangoli: navrathri kolam 2
Created by deepa ram on 2010-10-11,

a small kolam on the slopes as rain dampened my mud floor to marshy battlefield, praying to get sun scorch the heat and harden my floor

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by sjnt on 2010-10-11,

This is the rangoli I put for the start of Navratri. Colour rangoli from me for a change.The dot pattern is quite confusing, so I have not written that.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-10-11,

Hai to all....this fusion kuzhal+sikku kolam done by me for d 4th day of navarathri...i was not successful in bringing uniformity in d outer design..(that parrot green col was so lovely for viewing in d naked eye...but after seeing in d system i haven't got d same shade...).hope u like this...ur views pl....

Rangoli: Navarathri rangoli 2
Created by toindhu on 2010-10-11,

This was done befor the golu at my house. My niece helped me color this .

Rangoli: Navarathri day-3
Created by smahalakshmi on 2010-10-11,

This is kolam i made for Navarathri day-3. Before i could take a snap, somebody erased a part of it. Still I'm uploading here.

Rangoli: padikolam
Created by subashini on 2010-10-10,

My new wave padikolam for first day of Navarathiri.comments are welcome.

Rangoli: Navarathri Special - I
Created by jasree on 2010-10-10,

Hai friends!!!! I made this kolam for the 1st day of Navrathri. Your Views plz....

Rangoli: navratrikolam
Created by sjnt on 2010-10-10,

Our complex navratri celebrations - today's kolam done by somebody else.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-10-10,

Hai to all...this is d kuzhal kolam done for d third day of navaraathri...ur views pl....