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Hai to all....this fusion kuzhal+sikku kolam done by me for d 4th day of navarathri...i was not successful in bringing uniformity in d outer design..(that parrot green col was so lovely for viewing in d naked eye...but after seeing in d system i haven't got d same shade...).hope u like this...ur views pl....

Dotted kolam
navrathri 2010


Lata's picture

Surya, can I borrow your mini toy trains please.
(For a change lets have fun literally playing with/on Rani's kolam) Smile

jasree's picture

Wow Ammu Mam!!! Daily kuzhal kolam pottu asathareenga. Is it kuzhal or dragger?

P.Veni's picture

Super O super...rani

ammuchandhini's picture

koooo....chik ...bukku...chikku...bukkku...ellaarum varalam.....from san jose to b'lore to chennai coimbatore..even to dubai....also to ramnad....vera yaarpa vittu i wish we had train tracks all over d globe....

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u latha,...aasai teera velayadiyacha..., thanks jasree(dragger thaan pa...adu than nalla ishtatukku valaikka varudu....cylindrical kuzhal ellam nalla carefulla use panravangalukku than...naan adaavadi party...he he....and thank u veni....

smahalakshmi's picture

Rani mam,

Ungaloda kolam romba nalla irukku. By the way, unga loda karpannaiyum super ... train tracks all over the globe. Appdiye Dubai ku vandheengana, enga veetuku vandhutu ponga.


nithyaashok's picture

rumba azhaga irukku

Vinci's picture

Mmm Fusion kolamnnu Kalukureengale Rani, (Konjam illaai, romba Poramaiya irukku he heee...) Periya poovukkul chikku kolam magarendam pola ullathu..
Can I book a ticket in advance for a seat in your train.
By the way Please upload the picture of dragger used, I have seen only the cylinderical roller..

malar anand's picture

ammu mam very nice kolam.

toindhu's picture


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Rani maam cute kolam dear... hello pls cm to Bangalore also... Lata pls join too along with all members...Rani maam sometimes it happens even with me the colors I used will be different in the photo so I try adjusting the camera accordingly with the different setting and click and choose the best amongst them... I dont know if u understood what I said pa...

jayamohan's picture

Rani, the petals of your flowers look like snake-head to me! Lovely kolam!

Sarasp's picture

Wonderful "Kuzhal Rani" except for the bottom curves, the kolam looks superb Smile


jkmrao's picture

Lovely, I like the curving lines.

Regards! - mOhana

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u maha(oh...sure...thanks for inviting...), nithya, vinci,,(sure i will upload pa...btw i thought neenga chennaivaasi enru...illya...let me know where u live..., thanks malar, indu mam and thanks malar....

ammuchandhini's picture

thanks da push...but u know something....i have captured all my kolams until now only by a mobile camera...its only from d navarathri kolams that i am using a digital camera...thats why may be i need to learn more about using it...but still i shall go to d settings and see what u have mentioned...thanks a lot da for giving me a suggestion...and thank u jaya mam (appadiya...mam), thanks saras and jkm sir.....

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Hmm Rani - diploma, graduation, postgraduation, m.phil and p.hd - anything more left for you?? Pretty green, yes I agree with you on that. The design looks very pretty though the symmetry is missing here and there Smile

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really your fusion kolam is very beautiful...where do you get this ideas from...