mixed vegetables

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch
Created by rajaarthy on 2011-10-01,

Here is my work for the veggie patch Thanks Arthy

Rangoli: mixed vege
Created by umaraja on 2011-08-27,

hai frnz, gardening is a beautiful hobby which most of us have,, cooking vegetables from our garden is quite interesting and more yummy than actually they are,,, here is a multi vege for our site, ur comments pls

Rangoli: Veggie carving
Created by Sumathi.v on 2010-12-22,

Went for a vegetable carving workshop.The outcome of our group is posted below

Rangoli: Veggie Quilling -2
Created by Vinci on 2010-12-18,

Another simple arrangement of vegetables. Started off with a elaborate design, as usual got struck Smile Your comments Please.

Rangoli: Veggie Quilling :)
Created by Vinci on 2010-12-16,

A first trial in quilling, in vegetables, inspired by Viji Maam. I have used cabbage and carrot for this simple arrangement. Your views please. Rani, do you like it?

Rangoli: Veggy-Kolam
Created by Padma Prakash on 2010-12-14,

One day I was preparing for "Methi Pulav". Inspired by all our friends, I felt like trying a veg kolam. Immediately, I arranged on my kitchen slab, what all I had - onion, Methi, tomato, carrot, skin of carrot and stem of pumpkin (which I had in kitchen).Hope u like it.

Rangoli: veg kolam 2
Created by sudhabalakrishnan on 2010-12-07,

This is another simple double coloured flowere kolam, ur views please.

Rangoli: Veg kolam
Created by sudhabalakrishnan on 2010-12-06,

Hi frienz, This kolam i did with veggies, how is it,waiting to see all ur lovely comments.

Rangoli: veggies
Created by subashini on 2010-08-02,

My late contribution to ikolam.I send some vegetables .Is there any place Latha?If not so , pl return to the above address.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-06-14,

hai to all...this avial is from me and priyanka for our veggie patch...paravaa illayaa...?