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About veggies:

My late contribution to ikolam.I send some vegetables .Is there any place Latha?If not so , pl return to the above address.

Dotted kolam
mixed vegetables
Rangoli: veggies


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cute little collection of veges within a star...nice suba mam...

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Hope vegetable prices drop to rock bottom just like your kolam on the page Subashini Blum 3

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Nice collection to exihibit in garden.

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nice one keep itup

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nice design.

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Thank you Rani.why are you calling me as mam yet?

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thank you jude.I like your satire comments very much jude.

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thank you vinci.

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Thank you lakshmi and sreegiri.

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vegetables within the flowers. Good idea.

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Subashini, first I thought u have tried a flower with some colored ropes.But it is a veggi kolam?Any idea, why they are hiding inside the flower?

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thank you padma.

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ஐ கோலத்தில் வருகிறதே என்பதற்காக கோலத்துக்குள் காய்கறிகளை போடநினைத்தேன்.அவ்வளவுதான் .பூவிலிருந்துதானே காய் கறிகள் வருகிறது என்றும் வைத்துக்கொள்ளலாம் .