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  • Margazhi Day 01 kolam with 10×10 straight dots.
  • The 10 -10 collection - Cadbury Gems
  • Dotted Rangoli
  • Man Madhan Ambu
  • 10 by 10 Kolam
  • 10X10 dot kolam
  • 10 by10 grid kolam
  • 10x10 rangoli
  • A rangOli with 10x10 dots - 4
  • The 10 -10 collection
Created by vasumathy sathish on 2018-12-24,

Made this rangoli for welcoming andAl
For margazhi month.

Rangoli: The 10 -10 collection - Cadbury Gems
Created by judelined on 2011-02-18,

I was trying to do a sketch of the floor plan for my hubby's office emergency / fire exits just now (it is past midnight) and finally managed to complete it and copy it into his pen drive to be printed and put up on their notice board or something like that. Before I shut down the computer I thought of making a quick 10 - 10 dots kolam and I selected the most easiest of Anita's recent creation as I did not want to spend too much time since I was sleepy already. A real quick kolam it was as I finished it in 10 minutes flat and this is the out come. I am sure many of you are going to love the cadbury gems in this kolam and it is specially dedicated to the kids in ikolam.

Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli
Created by chandy on 2011-02-17,

10 x 10 straight dots. Tried to use monochromatic colours. Is it ok?

Rangoli: Man Madhan Ambu
Created by rajamma_2 on 2011-02-14,

Hope the Title and the 10x10 kolam is suitable for wishing this LOVEly day. I wish....
LIFE and LOVE are as SIMPLE and COLOURFUl like this!

Rangoli: 10 by 10 Kolam
Created by preetiN on 2011-02-14,

This is a design made for the 10 by 10 kolam collection, using Adobe Illustrator.

Rangoli: 10X10 dot kolam
Created by subashini on 2011-02-13,

one more kolam for ten into ten.And also for valentine day special.

Rangoli: 10 by10 grid kolam
Created by ushavenkatesh on 2011-02-13,

hai friends, 10 by 10 kolam drawn yesterday. your comments please. dots 10-10 straight.

Rangoli: 10x10 rangoli
Created by rojababu on 2011-02-13,

this is the dot pattern. It was quite interesting to create this rangoli. thank you lata

Rangoli: A rangOli with 10x10 dots - 4
Created by jkmrao on 2011-02-13,

This is also a rangOli with 10x10 dots. The interior design was done by another person and the borders were designed by me. The whole rangOli was drawn by me and I used the solarisation technique (overexposing the already exposed) in this. I haven't still mastered the technique. This is still in the experimental stage. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: The 10 -10 collection
Created by judelined on 2011-02-13,

Straight dots: 10 - 10

Now Anita is in full swing creating more and more kolams for this collection. I tried to convince her to make a pookolam and she ended up with this fusion kolam. Again I could not resist the temptation of doing it on PS and uploading immediately for everyone to enjoy..