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Rangoli: kartika deep or Sarvalaya Deepam
Created by vyjayanthi on 2009-11-19,

Hello Latha :

This kolam is for Kartika masam :
Tag : 17 dots to 17 dots, kolam drawing, scanned and colouring by paint software.
To all our friends : Happy Sarvalaya Deepam.

Rangoli: Rangoli...diwali 2006
Created by balshaya on 2009-11-18,

one from my collectionz...ive used broken rice for diz rangoli..

Rangoli: Another Ganesha
Created by Nalini Venkatesh on 2009-11-18,

I made this for Diwali in office at my desk.

Rangoli: Advanced pookolams
Created by judelined on 2009-11-18,

It has been quite a while since I uploaded my kolams here. This is a combination of four kolams I had put more than 3 months ago... Kolam No.3 was done in a big hurry so it is a little out of proportion... Hope you like them...

Rangoli: rangoli
Created by Manjulasubbarayan on 2009-11-18,

Rangoli with big Villaku kept at the center. This we did at our office for Diwali celebrations

Created by kameswari on 2009-11-13,

This simple floral arrangement was done for Karthika Pournami decorated with Diyas.

Rangoli: hand painted Diyas
Created by kiranpadmaja on 2009-10-29,

these diyas have been painted by me...i use fabric colours...

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli -- 2009
Created by pushpalata on 2009-10-23,

Free Hand Rangoli made in this diwali. Swastik is draw in decorative manner.

Rangoli: flower designs
Created by Manjulasubbarayan on 2009-09-16,

design with flowers and small diyas in between the designs

Rangoli: Borders
Created by judelined on 2009-08-28,

Ok friends, for a change I am uploading 5 borders which I have combined for you and hope you like it...