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About Borders : PRINT

Ok friends, for a change I am uploading 5 borders which I have combined for you and hope you like it...

Rangoli: Borders


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nice borders judy,

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Border itself look like kuttikolam.

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border பார்த்த ஒடனே கௌரி நினைவு வந்து விட்டது! எங்கே அவங்க? ஒ! தேன்நிலவு முடியலையா இன்னும்?

(I was reminded of Gowri as soon as I saw the borders. Where is she? I guess the honeymoon isn't over yet?)

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Thank you Lakshmi, Rajamma and Jaya - and yes where is Gowri???

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Actually this was done with her in mind Smile

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Lovely border design and the colour combination

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The bottom one pink &green looks like cotton bud good combination of colors .

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nice collection Judyji, i like the way you use photoshop to draw curved lines. i am still trying to get control over the pen tool.

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wow colour colour beautiful & nice borders judy madam,

"Gowri" madam sent last comments to my pencil design -4

"Comments is " :-
This is good one radha mam... keep making more... for personal reasons i wont continue in ikolam website hereafter... take care all... thanks for the lovely time with you all..will miss you all.
with love..

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Thanks for your comments Sumathi, Asha and Radha Smile

Anirudh I am more comfortable using the brush or pencil tool...

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Awessome Borders, Judy Ma'am...... so very thoughtful of You.....

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Awessome Borders Madam very nice.. Smile