Ganesh chathurthi vinayakar rangoli
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

In TamilNadu and among Tamils, the birth of Lord Ganesh is called as Vinayakar (or Pillaiyar) Chaturthi. Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the animation.

aaru vilakku kolam
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

The aaru vilakku kolam (design with six lamps) was done a long time back, collecting dust under a pile of site management work. Finally dusted it off for your viewing pleasure! Please click the blue button at the bottom of the image, seen on the left.

Parrots eating chilli peppers rangoli
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

Did you know that the Vitamin A in peppers brightens the birds' plumage, and the Capsaicin helps combat the intestinal problems in parrots and macaws? That is why our parrots are always fed with the best of the Serrano, Cayenne, and the chili peppers available.

Peacocks rangoli
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful birds in the world and a native of the Indian sub-continent, it is not surprising that the Peacock was anointed as the national bird of India in 1963.

Hailing from the pheasant family, these exotic birds are cherished for their colourful plumes and eggs. The peacocks, more appropriately called peafowls, (peacock refers to the male) are found in lowland forests and hills usually in small groups consisting of one male and several females.

The primary feathers and tail are of chestnut colour and the train is green with bronze and is covered with blue and green spots that appear to be eyes. They enjoy eating seeds, grains and young cobras.