Ganesh chathurthi vinayakar rangoli

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San Jose - usa

In TamilNadu and among Tamils, the birth of Lord Ganesh is called as Vinayakar (or Pillaiyar) Chaturthi.
Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the animation.


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Very nice. Do you have a

Very nice. Do you have a color version of it, if so upload that also. Going to try this for upcmg ganesh chathurthi. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi.

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Sorry, didn't have a color

Sorry, didn't have a color version. But I guess we can fill within the outlines with colors of our choice. Smile

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lovely tutorial...

lovely tutorial...

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Nice animated ganesh kolam. I

Nice animated ganesh kolam. I always liked ganesh kolam so much and wanted to learn as much as I can. Thank you lata Smile

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lovely work lata

lovely work lata

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very nice ganeshas kolam

very nice ganeshas kolam lata.Thanks for sharing.

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Lovely animation ganesh kolam

Lovely animation ganesh kolam lata...d minute those viboothi pattai along with pink col appears it looks so cute....Smile

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Excellent tutorial

Excellent tutorial

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அழகான விநாயகர் கோலத்திற்கு நன்றி. இந்த விநாயகர் சதுர்த்திக்கு நான் இந்த கோலம் தான் போடுவேன்.

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बहोत acchi

बहोत acchi रंगोली है

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Cute ganesha looks very nice

Cute ganesha looks very nice