aaru vilakku kolam

Lata Tue, 01/13/2004 - 23:00

beautiful aaru viLakku kolam Lata.Thanks for your dusting work.see, and dig your files.we are eagerly waiting.........for more and more.
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lovely creation...all the best for your dusting work..me too want to do dusting work,(in pc)but I am afraid "some body" :) will become too tired.. :tired: :bigsmile: let me start after some time... waiting to see more :D
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The description part on this file ( about dusting) was written a few years ago. :) I don't get the time to dust my own files anymore, but do plan on dusting some of our other inactive members' files, from time to time, just as I did with your old Ugadi Rangoli by re-publishing to the front page. :D
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