Rangoli: Charcoal painting - Do you believe in haunted spirits, curses?
Created by sjnt on 2009-05-13,

This is a charcoal painting which i did around 14 -15 years ago. This is based on the model picture of the famous painting "The lonely Boy".

Rangoli: Oil Painting
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-24,

This oil painting is done on a plain glass piece. Wherever you hang this frame, the background will be according to the surface. I hope you got it...

Rangoli: Painting
Created by preethirajaganesh on 2009-04-12,

An ornamental duck, and a beautiful butterfly too. Can you see that? A different imagination.

Rangoli: Velvet embossing painting
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-04-10,

This painting is done on a velvet cloth.
The outline borders are done by me with a created little flowers, and kundan stones on it

Created by akilandeswari on 2009-04-09,

Hi friends,
I have attached a sample of the saree which has the painting with aari work.

Rangoli: Ganesh
Created by veenajayam on 2009-04-09,

This a geometrical ganesha give five shades all over.

Rangoli: Modern art - abstract
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-09,

This is done using various types of paper, acrylic colours and white cement.

Rangoli: 3D frame -Rajasthani couple
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-09,

These frames are also done with paper and oil colours and framed in depth.

Rangoli: Painting
Created by vasanthidlr on 2009-04-08,

This is a piece painted by me on a designed cloth.

Rangoli: Tanjore painting done in my style and a lampshade.
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-07,

Tanjore painting method is used for creating ornaments etc, but face is according to my style. You can call it a fusion.

The lampshade is yet to be hung and it is made with paper. [Iam a paper specialist you know?]