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  • Diwali rangoli at night
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Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-10-28,

This is a cute small rangoli done by my neighbour's daughter Smeera on seeing us doing rangolis. Her maiden attempt. Your comments please on this.

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli contest 2011
Created by Nalini Venkatesh on 2011-10-27,

Made this SB rangoli outside our house on the day of lakshmi pooja

Rangoli: Small Diwali Rangoli at night 2011
Created by vlakshmi12 on 2011-10-27,

Small rangoli made by me with 2 concentric circles. It has Kalash at the centre and "Hridaya Kamalam" pattern between the circles. Decorated it with wax candles purchased from office sale. Made by tribal children.

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli at night
Created by vlakshmi12 on 2011-10-26,

Large rangoli decorated with lamps today evening. Placed the diyas in the 6 quadrilalterals as well as the "suzhis" at the 6 places.

Rangoli: First kolam in 10 years
Created by vjikki on 2011-10-25,
This rangoli was published on 2011-10-25.
Rangoli: Diwali Poo Kolam
Created by vlakshmi12 on 2011-10-25,

Poo Kolam made for Diwali today morning by me. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year.

Rangoli: Woollen Rangoli
Created by r.suganthy on 2011-10-24,

1. Cut the colour woollen thread into small pieces.
2. Then grind it in kitchen mixie (if you cut it into large piece, then your mixie will be under repair). It will become a cotton.
3. Draw any design in chart paper.
4. Now paste cotton (woollen)in the chart paper, according to that design.

Rangoli: Simple kolam
Created by indira sundar on 2011-10-15,

Dear Friends,
This simple circular rangoli was done on Navarathri day.

Rangoli: sarasvathi pooja
Created by completelawyer on 2011-10-13,

this is a kolam of goddess sarasvathi made entirely of grains,navadhanyam-nine types of grains.this kolam was made at 'Temple of Fine Arts,at Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-a dance academy where Indians and other races send their kids learn traditional Indian arts such as sangeetham,bharatham,kuchipodi,kathakali,kathak and learning of indian musical instruments aka veena,flute,sittar...since the place got to do with arts and learning,they(members of the academy) created this kolam to invoke and pay respect towards her during navarathri on sarasvathi pooja.enjoy viewing.a real blessings for the eyes.

Rangoli: My first kolam with rice grain
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-10-10,

Dear friends yesterday my daughter asked me to put the devi kolam at outside my house but i could not do it because it will take at least four hours and the space to sit is very small and i develop sever backache inside i tried this small rice grain kolam to tell u frankly itis very difficult again i have to put my fans off the moment i use to finish the center the rice grain use to shift from the place i tried for 4-5 times then i decided this will be my last attempt and i did this .i tired to click as i used to finish little bit as there was no guarantee .i went on adding and made the final one .u may not believe that it took me almost 3-4 hours .Probably as i don't have the tool to pick up the grain and i did with my hands .
Please please comment on this waiting eagerly.