Swastik Rangolis

Rangoli: Diwali_swastik
Created by meena365 on 2008-11-15.
Artificial flowers...
Rangoli: Artificial flowers - thattu
Created by viji_j86 on 2008-11-12.

This is done using artificial flowers. This can be easily transported when ever necessary. This...

Kalash with Swastik
Rangoli: Kalash with Swastik
Created by swati wayse on 2008-09-08.
Geometric Swastik
Rangoli: Geometric Swastik
Created by jayashree on 2008-03-30.
Rangoli: Kolam
Created by SelvaAnandhi on 2007-12-05.
Rangoli: Diwali
Created by Sumathi.v on 2007-11-15.
Portable Rangolis
Rangoli: Portable Rangolis
Created by lakshmi jagannathan on 2007-11-15.
Rangoli: Swastika
Created by admin on 2007-11-03.

The Swastika is an universal religious symbol of luck and auspiciousness. Its an equilateral...

Swastic rangoli
Rangoli: Swastic rangoli
Created by Amrita on 2007-10-01.
Rangoli: Swans
Created by kums61 on 2007-02-26.