Swastik Rangolis

Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Created by RaghaRadha on 2015-04-03.

Another chikku kolam for Friday. from,RaghaRadha.Rangoli Anohter chikku kolam: Chikku Kolam by...

Swasthik kolam
Rangoli: Swasthik kolam
Created by revathiilango on 2015-03-20.

Rangoli 8 dots 8 lines.: Swesthik kolam. by revathiilango

Swastik kolam
Rangoli: Swastik kolam
Created by abhijith on 2015-03-20.

This is a swastik kolam with 7-1 dots and the outer design done freehand....Rangoli 7-1 dots:...

Swastik kolam
Rangoli: Swastik kolam
Created by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU on 2014-10-16.

For Vinayagar chathurthi

Friday kolam
Rangoli: Friday kolam
Created by umaraja on 2014-07-04.

Hai frnz ,, its my evening kolam,, ur comments pls...

Swastik rangoli
Rangoli: Swastik rangoli
Created by rojababu on 2014-06-19.

swastik decorated for one of my regular kolam

Freehand kolam
Rangoli: Freehand kolam
Created by thilakalakshmi on 2014-06-01.

Hi friends, here is a freehand kolam..!...

Rangoli: Swastik
Created by rajamma_2 on 2014-05-25.

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Dotted svAstika...
Rangoli: Dotted svAstika chikku kOlam
Created by jkmrao on 2013-01-24.

Due to constraints of time, I could not make a chikku kOlam for svAstika in my pongal pattern....

Margazhi rangoli
Rangoli: Margazhi rangoli
Created by priyaashok on 2013-01-10.

today's kolam