dotted kolam

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About dotted kolam:

hai to all...this kolam 11-1 straight dots was done by me...yr views pl...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: dotted kolam


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Neat double strokes! Smile

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thank u latha...its been so long to see ur comments....on my kolam...

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Excellent double strokes...rani

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well done rani maam.

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Oh nice to see double strokes for a change Rani - gives the entire kolam a different look altogether - well done Smile

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thank u veni, indu mam, and judy...

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How did I miss? I feel you are more comfortable drawing chikku kolam with double strokes.. Very causal strokes, No overlappings, flawless lines makes a lovely sight...

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Is it so vinci...happy to hear...actually I was not satisfied at all with my double strokes...i couldn't make d lines show separately just like my bil's wife...she does amazing double strokes kolam...thank u ....

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Very neat double stroke sikku kolam RAni. What a change? No kavi, no thick single strokes. You have completed with casual double strokes which is the quality of an experienced one.

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Nice sikku kolam with dounle strokes. Thanx for sharing!!!!

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thank u padma and jasree....

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wow difrnt typ of strokes frm rani mam,, makes us feel enhancing to see newer technics each day

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thank u uma....

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Wow, very nice, i wonder how you find time to upload so many kolam, see, today itself 3 kolams published, you are great, i have more than 10 in my hand and not finding time to upload. simply great mam!

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thanks nithya....oru naalaikku oru kolam thaanpa except on d spl days....neraiyya sikku kolamaa pottu upload pannunga...appuram parunga daily onnu onnaa release aagiradannu.....

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btw...this kolam was published yesterday itself...inniku 2 thaan pa....

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Rani maam ur double stroke chikku kolam looks stunning

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I must try this beautiful work sometime. Great!

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u push...

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welcome back jkm sir to d commenting section....thanks a lot....